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Modern Complementary Currencies (Argentina)

Red del trueque solidario

Red global del trueque

Salta Province Debt Cancelling Bond

Trueque Creditos


Modern Complementary Currencies (Australia)

Northern River, 1 local LETS unit - Front

Northern River, 1 local LETS unit - Rear

Northern River, 2 local LETS units - Front

Northern River, 20 local LETS units - Front

Northern River, 5 local LETS units - Front


CENTs Tasmania - Community Exchange System - Tasmania

CENTs banner


Modern Complementary Currencies (Austria)

Tiroler Stunde - Community Way - Tirol

Tiroler Stunde - 1h coin, 1/4h coin


Talente Tauschkreis Vorarlberg TTKV - Regionale Komplementärwährung - Vorarlberg

1 Euro Gutschein

10 Euro Gutschein

2 Euro Gutschein

20 Euro Gutschein

5 Euro Gutschein


Modern Complementary Currencies (Belgium)

SELAtlas - Système d'échange local LETS/SEL - Anderlecht



Modern Complementary Currencies (Brazil)

Fortaleza Fomento Currency (Back)

Fortaleza Fomento Currency (Front)

Solidarity Money

VLC Porto Alegre - Valuable Local Currency (VLC) - Rio Grande do Sul

VLC Porto Alegre - 1 Rubi Note


Modern Complementary Currencies (Canada)

Calgary Dollars - Fiat Currency System - Calgary

Calgary Dollars

Calgary Dollars - 1C$ Back

Calgary Dollars - 1C$ Front

Calgary Dollars - 5C$ Back

Calgary Dollars - 5C$ Front


Tamworth Hours - HOURS System - Ontario

Tamworth Hours - Half Hour, Back

Tamworth Hours - Half Hour, Front

Tamworth Hours - One Hour, Back

Tamworth Hours - One Hour, Front


Salt Spring Dollars - Voucher Currency System - Salt Spring Island

First Edition Salt Spring Island Five Dollar Bill - Back

First Edition Salt Spring Island Five Dollar Bill - Front

One Saltspring Dollar - Back

One Saltspring Dollar - Front

Two Saltspring Dollars - Back

Two Saltspring Dollars - Front

Toronto Dollars - Voucher Currency System - Toronto

Toronto Dollar, Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Dollar, Toronto, Ontario


Rain Droplet - Mutual Credit System - Several

Rain Droplet


Corporate Trade Network - Mutual Credit System - Business

Corporate Trade Network


Modern Complementary Currencies (China)

Community Oriented Mutual Economy - Fiat Currency System - Wanchai

Back Side of Hong Kong Notes

Front Side of Hong Kong Notes


Community Eco-Village 社區經濟村計劃 - Time Dollar System - Shatin, Hong Kong

Community Currency of CEV(Community Eco-Village) of Hong Kong


Modern Complementary Currencies (Croatia)

Crom Alternative Exchange - Crom Alternative Exchange System - The whole wide World

Crom Alternative Currency


Modern Complementary Currencies (Czech Republic)

Credits - Transaction Software - Multiversum Online



Modern Complementary Currencies (Dominican Republic)

Nofiatcoin - Cryptographic Currency - Global

Nofiatcoin Logo


Modern Complementary Currencies (France)

COOPEK - Global financial currency - COOPEK



Modern Complementary Currencies (Germany)

Stable Money Design Concept

Tauschring Hintertupfing - Gogo


Landmark - REGIO System - Reinstädt

The Landmark Currency

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