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Traditional / Cultural Currencies (Canada)

In Cod We Trust


Traditional / Cultural Currencies (France)

SEL\\ - Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) - BP 60034

Logo SEL'idiaire


La Route des SEL - Nuités = unités temps / nights = times units - 177 rue Pierre Loti

La Route des SEL


Traditional / Cultural Currencies (Papua New Guinea)

Kina notes with Tabu shell money and other traditional currencies.


Tabu Shell Money - Traditional / Cultural System - Rabaul

A purse containing Tabu Shell Money

A string of Tabu Shell Money, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Lolois of Tabu in storage in the rafters of a home.

Measuring Tabu Shell Money

Stephen holding Tabu

Tabu shell money in its own woven banana leaf purse

Villager holding a small roll "Loloi" of Tabu.


Traditional / Cultural Currencies (Russia)

MeRa - Payment system - Cybercountry



Traditional / Cultural Currencies (Spain)

Copín - Community Exchange System - Asturias

Logotipo copín


Traditional / Cultural Currencies (Micronesia)

Yap Island stone money

Yap Island stone money

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