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Photos, Images and Graphics from CC Systems (United Kingdom)

Brixton Pound - Community Exchange System - Brixton

Brixton Pound notes


Photos, Images and Graphics from CC Systems (United States)

Thomas Greco & Stephen DeMeulenaere


TradeMarket - Mutual Credit System - Nevada City / Grass Valley

Nevada City / Grass Valley TradeMarket


Waldo County Community Exchange - Time Bank System - Waldo county, Maine

Waldo County Community Exchange logo


Merit Exchange - Merit Based Currency in Web Database - National

Merit Symbol (Merit Exchange)


Premier Barter - Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) - Phoenix, AZ

Premier Barter


Dane County TimeBank - Time Bank System - Dane County

Dane County TimeBank logo


Open-Transactions - Transaction Software - Los Angeles




Humboldt Village Exchange - Community Exchange System - Humboldt Village



Photos, Images and Graphics from CC Systems (Ukraine)

Regional Exchange System - Robust Complementary Community Currency System - International

Regional Exchange System «Time Banking» - New Image


Time Bank Dobrobank - Time Bank System - Ukrainian Public Organization

Logo Dobrobank


P2P Time Bank - P2P Robust Complementary Community Currency System - Worldwide

P2P Time Bank logo


Promotional Posters and Materials (Australia)

Baroon Dollar - Voucher Currency System - Hinterland, Sunshine Coast

Baroon Dollar


Byron Shire Community Exchange - LETSystem - Byron Shire



Promotional Posters and Materials (Belgium)

LETS Antwerpen Stad - LETSystem - Antwerpen Stad

LETS logo


SEL de Somme - Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) - Française

Logo du SEL de Somme


Promotional Posters and Materials (Canada)

Communitas Capacity Exchange - Mutual Credit System - Edmonton

Communitas Logo


CES Greater Vancouver - Community Exchange System - Greater Vancouver

Alternate Logo

Banner - Logo


Promotional Posters and Materials (France)

SEL de MARS - Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) - SEL de MARS

logo sel de mars


Promotional Posters and Materials (Honduras)

Promotional Brochure for COMAL

Promotional Poster for COMAL


Promotional Posters and Materials (Italy)

ZIPcoin - ECO-COIN and LOYALTY hybrid - Italia



Promotional Posters and Materials (Mexico)

ACV/Compartienda - Community Barter System - Virtual interaction amomg various communities

Compartienda Promotional Flyer

Promotional Card-Compartiendas


Promotional Posters and Materials (Netherlands)

Qoin - Commercial Exchange System - Bedrijven



Promotional Posters and Materials (Poland)

Barter System Poland - Commercial Exchange System - Poland

Make Barter Not War


Promotional Posters and Materials (Senegal)

Doole Promotional Poster


Community Resources Center - Resources necessary for community resilience... - Nationwide



Promotional Posters and Materials (Spain)

Ecotracte - Système d'échange local LETS/SEL - Catalunya



Red de Intercambio Solidario Saja - Community Exchange System - Cantabria

Logo de RISS


Promotional Posters and Materials (United States)

Unity Currency - Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) - International

Unity Currency Commercial Card

Unity Currency Individual Card


Bay Bucks - Mutual Credit System - San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Bucks Logo


Ancient Currencies (Main Section)

Iranian clay currency tokens representing various types of goods, circa 3500 BCE

Babylonian Clay Cuneiform Tablet, 587 BCE

Pfennig or bracteate, Überlingen, 1250 ACE

Traditional / Cultural Currencies (Canada)

In Cod We Trust


Traditional / Cultural Currencies (France)

SEL\\ - Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) - BP 60034

Logo SEL'idiaire


La Route des SEL - Nuités = unités temps / nights = times units - 177 rue Pierre Loti

La Route des SEL


Traditional / Cultural Currencies (Papua New Guinea)

Kina notes with Tabu shell money and other traditional currencies.


Tabu Shell Money - Traditional / Cultural System - Rabaul

A purse containing Tabu Shell Money

A string of Tabu Shell Money, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Lolois of Tabu in storage in the rafters of a home.

Measuring Tabu Shell Money

Stephen holding Tabu

Tabu shell money in its own woven banana leaf purse

Villager holding a small roll "Loloi" of Tabu.

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