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Modern Complementary Currencies (Italy)

WeCoin - Community Cooperation System - international

WeCoin Logo


Tibex - Commercial Exchange System - Lazio


Modern Complementary Currencies (Japan)

Japanese emergency currencies (1997-2000)

Japanese emergency currency (1997-2000)

Notes issued by the Ecomoney Community Currency Systems

Peanuts LETS. transaction-checks

Peanuts LETS. transaction-recording booklet

This currency was issued by the Japanese central government through local administrations during the 1997-2000 monetary crisis.

Earth Day Money - Community Way - Shibuya

New Card System -- Earth Day Money

Paper Bills of Earth Day Money


ナマケ - Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) - 日本

ナマケ namake


Modern Complementary Currencies (Mexico)

ACV/Compartienda - Community Barter System - Virtual interaction amomg various communities

ACS and Barter Smart Cards-Mexico

CC Compartiendas

CC Compartiendas

TCS Barter Smart Card-México


Tianguis Tlaloc - Mutual Credit Hybrid - Colonia Tlaxpana

Tianguis Tlaloc 1/2, 1 and 2 Hour Notes

Tianguis Tlaloc 3, 4 and 5 Hour Notes.


Modern Complementary Currencies (Netherlands)

Infinite banknote - Exchanghibition Bank

Zero Currency - Exchanghibition Bank


NOPPES - Mutual Credit System - Amsterdam




Dam - Mutual Credit System - Greater Rotterdam Area

Dam logo

Dam Smartphone Image

Wij Doen Dam

Pendo - Community Exchange System - Pendo

Pendo International


Modern Complementary Currencies (New Zealand)

Five WAIS Voucher

Half WAIS Voucher

One WAIS Voucher

Ten WAIS Voucher

Twenty WAIS Voucher

Two WAIS Voucher

H.A.N.D.S. - Mutual Credit System - Takaka

H.A.N.D.S. Exchange Voucher - Front

H.A.N.D.S. Exchange Voucher - Rear


Invercargill Barter & Exchange Systems - Community Barter System - Southland

IBES Voucher - Front

IBES Voucher -Rear


Modern Complementary Currencies (Poland)

Wymiennik. Społecznościowy System Wymiany - Community Exchange System - Polish



Modern Complementary Currencies (Senegal)

Doole "Bon" Back

Doole "Bon" Front

Doole Bon 1998/1999, 1/2 Hour - Front

Doole Bon 1998/1999, 1/2 Hour - Rear

Doole Bon, New 1 Hour - Front

Doole Bon, New 1 Hour - Rear

Doole Bon, New 1/2 Hour Note - Front

Doole Bon, New 1/4 Hour Note - Front


Modern Complementary Currencies (South Korea)

Sample of Korean Community Currency Notes

Sample of Korean Community Currency Notes - Front

Sample of Korean Community Currency Notes - Rear

Hanbat LETS - Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) - Hanbat LETS

Sample of Hanbat LETS Note


Modern Complementary Currencies (Spain)

Pagadoo Loyalty System - Credit Card Based Exchange System with Web access - All communities



ECO Alt Congost - Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) - Alt Congost, Catalunya

Eco Alt Congost Meeting

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