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[text]t_ref,,Spain[text] ([text]t_ref,,Global financial currency[text])

ICU P2P Payment

[text]t_ref,,Administrator Information[text]
[text]t_ref,,Name[text]Seneca AG
[text]t_ref,,E-mail Address[text]
[text]t_ref,,Position / Job Title[text]founder
[text]t_ref,,First Language[text][text]t_ref,,English[text]
[text]t_ref,,Second Language[text][text]t_ref,,German[text]
[text]t_ref,,Organization[text]World Community of Complementary Currency
[text]t_ref,,Type[text][text]t_ref,,Non-Government Organization (Registered)[text]
[text]t_ref,,URL Address[text]
[text]t_ref,,Exchange System Information[text]
[text]t_ref,,City / Urban Area[text]Worldwide
[text]t_ref,,Medium of Exchange[text][text]t_ref,,Electronic Transaction[text]
[text]t_ref,,Unit of Value[text][text]t_ref,,Units of National Currency Equivalent[text]
[text]t_ref,,Cost-Recovery Mechanism[text]
  1. [text]t_ref,,Annual Fee (12 months)[text]
  2. [text]t_ref,,Transactions on Trade[text]
  3. [text]t_ref,,Differences in currency exchange rate[text]
[text]t_ref,,Source of Funding[text][text]t_ref,,Internal Currency Charges[text]
[text]t_ref,,Purpose for Establishing System[text][text]t_ref,,Avoiding Monetary Crisis[text]
[text]t_ref,,Year the System was Started[text]2016
[text]t_ref,,Size of Membership[text]1,000,000
[text]t_ref,,Population of Area Served by System[text]1,000,000
[text]t_ref,,Estimated Yearly Operating Budget[text]

[text]t_ref,,Internal Currency[text]: 10,000,000

[text]t_ref,,National Currency[text]: 10,000,000 EUR (13,627,000 [data]d_ref,,MAIN_CURR[data])

[text]t_ref,,Yearly Volume of Trade[text]

[text]t_ref,,Internal Currency[text]: 1,000,000

[text]t_ref,,National Currency[text]: 1,000,000 EUR (1,362,700 [data]d_ref,,MAIN_CURR[data])

[text]t_ref,,Main Goods and Services Traded[text]
  1. everything
[text]t_ref,,Additional Information[text]


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What does this mean for you?

The International World Community of complementary currencies (ICCUNION) try to answer specific societal needs. Community currencies are complementary currencies limited to a specific community. This could be geographical (local currencies), but also business-based or even online.;They are specifically designed to meet the needs of a specific group and aim explicitly at contributing to more equal and sustainable societies. The idea behind this type of currency is thus to redesign money in order for it to better serve the society and the environment. Their design varies in function of their purpose; different purposes are identified by Community Currencies in Action.

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