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[text]t_ref,,Hong Kong[text] ([text]t_ref,,Commercial Exchange System[text])


[text]t_ref,,Administrator Information[text]
[text]t_ref,,Name[text]Carolin Macdonald
[text]t_ref,,E-mail Address[text]
[text]t_ref,,Position / Job Title[text]Operations Officer BBX International
[text]t_ref,,First Language[text][text]t_ref,,English[text]
[text]t_ref,,Organization[text]BBX International
[text]t_ref,,Type[text][text]t_ref,,Private Enterprise[text]
[text]t_ref,,URL Address[text]
[text]t_ref,,Exchange System Information[text]
[text]t_ref,,Medium of Exchange[text][text]t_ref,,Barter Exchange[text]
[text]t_ref,,Unit of Value[text][text]t_ref,,Units of Currency / Commodity / Resource[text]
[text]t_ref,,Valuation[text][text]t_ref,,Convertible for Commodity or Resource[text]
[text]t_ref,,Cost-Recovery Mechanism[text]
  1. [text]t_ref,,Annual Fee (12 months)[text]
  2. [text]t_ref,,Percentage levy on transactions[text]
[text]t_ref,,Source of Funding[text][text]t_ref,,No Funding[text]
[text]t_ref,,Purpose for Establishing System[text][text]t_ref,,Activating the Local Market[text]
[text]t_ref,,Year the System was Started[text]1993
[text]t_ref,,Size of Membership[text]70,000
[text]t_ref,,Yearly Volume of Trade[text]

[text]t_ref,,Internal Currency[text]: 200,000,000

[text]t_ref,,Main Goods and Services Traded[text]
  1. Members trade good and services via BBX Web and Mobile Apps
[text]t_ref,,Additional Information[text]

BBX is on a carefully planned, and very exciting course of expansion. With over seventy thousand cardholders already trading in and around 13 countries. Very soon you will start to notice that BBX is becoming more visible, and that means an accelerated rate of new member businesses joining the network. They will be expanding not just the number of members but also extending the range of goods and services available to all cardholders.

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