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[text]t_ref,,Australia[text] ([text]t_ref,,Greenhouse Gas Reduction / Carbon Credits[text])

The Maia Maia Project

[text]t_ref,,Administrator Information[text]
[text]t_ref,,Name[text]Sam Nelson
[text]t_ref,,E-mail Address[text]
[text]t_ref,,Position / Job Title[text]Committee member
[text]t_ref,,First Language[text][text]t_ref,,English[text]
[text]t_ref,,Organization[text]The Maia Maia Project
[text]t_ref,,Type[text][text]t_ref,,Community-Based Organization (Unregistered)[text]
[text]t_ref,,URL Address[text]
[text]t_ref,,Exchange System Information[text]
[text]t_ref,,City / Urban Area[text]Perth
[text]t_ref,,Medium of Exchange[text][text]t_ref,,Notes / Bills[text]
[text]t_ref,,Unit of Value[text][text]t_ref,,Kilograms Greenhouse Gas Reduced[text]
[text]t_ref,,Valuation[text][text]t_ref,,Convertible to CO2 global warming potential[text]
[text]t_ref,,Cost-Recovery Mechanism[text]
  1. [text]t_ref,,Have Not Decided Yet[text]
[text]t_ref,,Source of Funding[text][text]t_ref,,Internal Currency Charges[text]
[text]t_ref,,Purpose for Establishing System[text][text]t_ref,,Contributing towards a Sustainable Society[text]
[text]t_ref,,Year the System was Started[text]2008
[text]t_ref,,Size of Membership[text]20
[text]t_ref,,Additional Information[text]

Just getting started. Have 20 members signed up. Will be administered in conjunction with local schools of which one is currently enlisted. Our approach is experimental and any input is appreciated. We have at our disposal a sophisticated internet based emissions accounting service developed by a Committee member which is used commercially to underpin emissions trading in the mining/resources sectors ( Currency is disbursed following a commitment by members of a % decrease in greenhouse gases over a set period, and subsequent disbursals track both how well the community achieved the target and what the next target is. The currency will act to provide recognition and increase community resolve to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme will also be tied to member businesses that transfer a proportion of their own emissions reduction pledges to their customers per booya (unit of currency) accepted in exchange for goods or services. Our hope is that this dynamic will move down the supply chain and allow a small group of consumers to leverage greater reductions in emissions from the wider community, The Maia Maia framework, if adopted elsewhere, will result in local currencies that can be easily convertible from one to another on the bases of a quantity of greenhouse gas abated - which has a universally recognised value and is one of the few commodities to increase in monetary value even during the current economic down turn.

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