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Mutirão Quilombo da Serra
Marketplace Currency (ie. RGT)

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Administrator Information
Name Ary Moraes
E-mail Address
Position / Job Title empreendimento solidário - agricultura
First Language Portuguese
Organization Quilombo da Serra
Organization Type Community-Based Organization (Unregistered)
Currency System Information
Status Operating
Year the System was Started 2001
Community Poço do Peixe
City / Urban Area Teresópolis
Country Brazil
Medium of Exchange Accounts + Notes
Unit of Value Units of Time
Valuation Non-Contract Agreement to Accept Currency
Cost-Recovery Mechanism
  1. Liquidity Tax / Circulation Incentive / Demurrage
Source of Funding Private Donations
Purpose for Establishing System Poverty Alleviation
Size of Membership 60
Population of Area Served by System 450
Estimated Yearly Operating Budget National Currency: 2 BRL (1 USD)
Yearly Volume of Trade Internal Currency: 2,400
National Currency: 24 BRL (13 USD)
Main Goods and Services Traded
  1. agroindustria familar
  2. vestuários
  3. hotifrutigranjeiro
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