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Administrator Information
E-mail Address
Position / Job Title Directeur
First Language French
Second Language English
Organization COOPEK SA SCIC
Organization Type Cooperative Organization
URL Address
Currency System Information
Status Stopped
Year the System was Started 2016
Year the System was Stopped 2017
Community COOPEK
City / Urban Area France
Country France
Medium of Exchange Electronic Transaction using Cyclos Software
Unit of Value Units of National Currency Equivalent
Valuation Convertible for National Currency
Cost-Recovery Mechanism
  1. Account Opening / Joining Fee
Source of Funding External Funding
Purpose for Establishing System Promoting a Stable & Sustainable Economy
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Similar Systems
Name of System Country Community Membership Matching
ECU _ Alternative Currency United States worldwide --
Ven Hong Kong Worldwide 25000
WE Germany International --
ICU P2P Payment Spain Worldwide 1000000

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