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ECU _ Alternative Currency
Global financial currency

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Administrator Information
Name Cleisthenes
E-mail Address
First Language English
Organization Earthland
Organization Type Community-Based Organization (Unregistered)
Currency System Information
Status Operating
Community worldwide
Country United States
Medium of Exchange Electronic Transaction using Cyclos Software
Unit of Value Units of Independent Value
Valuation Non-Contract Agreement to Accept Currency
Cost-Recovery Mechanism
  1. Account Administration Fee
  2. Transaction Fee
Source of Funding External Funding
Purpose for Establishing System All reasons
Population of Area Served by System 2,147,483,647
Additional Information

ECU (*) alternative currency of an alternative social system based on financial and economic freedom for all, in which all people have access to a fair and equitable universal medium of exchange. Issued by people sufficiently meet their own needs and the needs of their communities. (not refundable monthly credit guaranteed 100 E*)

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