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Mutual Credit Hybrid

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Administrator Information
Name William Spademan
E-mail Address
Position / Job Title President, Designer, Programmer
First Language English
Second Language German
Organization Society to Benefit Everyone, Inc. Common Good Fina
Organization Type Non-Government Organization (Registered)
URL Address
Currency System Information
Status Operating
Year the System was Started 2013
Community Greenfield, MA
City / Urban Area Pioneer Valley
Country United States
Medium of Exchange Member Card
Unit of Value Units of National Currency Equivalent
Valuation Contract Agreement to Accept Currency
Cost-Recovery Mechanism
  1. Donation to Administration
  2. Interest on national currency held in escrow
Source of Funding Private Donations
Purpose for Establishing System Create Common Good Communities
Size of Membership 200
Population of Area Served by System 16,000
Estimated Yearly Operating Budget Internal Currency: 5,000
National Currency: 15,000 USD
Yearly Volume of Trade Internal Currency: 80,000
National Currency: 320,000,000 USD
Main Goods and Services Traded
  1. Food
  2. Restaurants
  3. Wages
Additional Information

rCredits, "community-created credits for the common good", are designed to be a potential replacement for the current global economy. Any community can adopt rCredits progressively (one member at a time), for community-level economic democracy, using provided software and member cards. rCredits are currently all digital, accessed with a QR code on members rCard. Merchants use a smartphone app to process transactions. rCredits are issued initially as incentives for joining, buying, and selling -- later as arbitrary incentives, grants, loans, and community investments.

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