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Warren Money
Fiat money (Warrens)?

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Administrator Information
E-mail Address
Position / Job Title co-ordinator
First Language English
Organization Manjimup Shire (not yet in existance)
Organization Type Community-Based Organization (Unregistered)
URL Address
Currency System Information
Status Operating
Community Manjimup Shire
City / Urban Area Manjimup
Country Australia
Medium of Exchange Plastic Coins
Unit of Value Units of Independent Value
Valuation Contract Agreement to Accept Currency
Cost-Recovery Mechanism
  1. Community Tax
  2. Account Administration Fee
  3. Referral Fees from Credit Union
Source of Funding Internal Currency Charges
Purpose for Establishing System All reasons
Size of Membership 1,500
Population of Area Served by System 1,500
Main Goods and Services Traded
  1. Local services
  2. Locally produced goods
  3. Proportion of Local tax
Additional Information

The exchange rate will float controled by the proportion of local tax that must be paid in thee local currency The credit union will inform the what the proportion should be to keep the value of the Warren within 5% of the median wage in the Shire.. The shire will always have credit in local monet to carry out work requested by the elected council.

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