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La Banque du Temps
Système d'échange local LETS/SEL

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Administrator Information
Name Raymond Morin
E-mail Address
First Language French
Second Language English
Organization AMI inc.
Organization Type Non-Government Organization (Registered)
URL Address
Currency System Information
Status Operating
Year the System was Started 2012
Community SEL-LETS sur la planète
City / Urban Area Québec
Country Canada
Medium of Exchange Transactions automatisées via La Banque du Temps
Unit of Value Units of Time
Valuation Non-Contract Agreement to Accept Currency
Cost-Recovery Mechanism
  1. FREE - No Charge
  2. Charitable granting
Source of Funding External Funding
Purpose for Establishing System Community Development
Population of Area Served by System 6,000,000
Yearly Volume of Trade Internal Currency: 10,000
Main Goods and Services Traded
  1. Support informatique
  2. Bricollage de toutes sortes
  3. Truc de biens
Additional Information

Ce qui est unique à la Banque du Temps:
- Système prêt à être utilisé via le site: Connectez-vous et participez; en anglais: login and play;
- Système anti fraudes ( la balance de vérification toujours à zéro comme tout système comtable conventionnel);
- Système multi propositions par projet (demandes/offres) en anglais: Bid system.

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