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Corporate Trade Network
Mutual Credit System

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Administrator Information
Name Neil Peters
E-mail Address
Position / Job Title Partner
First Language English
Organization The Corporate Trade Network Inc.
Organization Type Private Enterprise
URL Address
Currency System Information
Status Operating
Year the System was Started 2011
Community Business
City / Urban Area International
Country Canada
Medium of Exchange Electronic Transaction
Unit of Value Units of National Currency Equivalent
Valuation Convertible for Commodity or Resource
Cost-Recovery Mechanism
  1. 2% fee
  2. Transaction Fee
  3. Percentage levy on transactions
Source of Funding No Funding
Purpose for Establishing System All reasons
Size of Membership 80
Population of Area Served by System 130,000
Estimated Yearly Operating Budget Internal Currency: 2,000
National Currency: 10,000 CAD (9,532 USD)
Yearly Volume of Trade Internal Currency: 25,000
Main Goods and Services Traded
  1. Food and Drink
  2. Professional Services
  3. Advertising
Additional Information

The Corporate Trade Network is a private, business to business trading network. Membership in the Corporate Trade Network enables businesses to attract and retain new customers, save cash, increase profits and access a unique source of interest-free financing.

To apply for membership in our online B2B Trade Exchange, please fill out the online registration form on our website at

To discuss how your business can benefit from network membership call 888.800.4059

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Corporate Trade Network

Corporate Trade Network
What goes around comes around.

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