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Merit Exchange
Merit Based Currency in Web Database

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Administrator Information
Name Alex Zorach
E-mail Address
First Language English
Second Language German
Organization Merit Exchange LLC
Organization Type Private Enterprise
URL Address
Currency System Information
Status Operating
Year the System was Started 2008
Community National
Country United States
Medium of Exchange Electronic Transaction
Unit of Value Units of Independent Value
Valuation Non-Contract Agreement to Exchange Services
Cost-Recovery Mechanism
  1. Advertising Fee
  2. Liquidity Tax / Circulation Incentive / Demurrage
  3. Services Provided in National Currency
Source of Funding External Funding
Purpose for Establishing System All reasons
Size of Membership 61
Population of Area Served by System 304,000,000
Estimated Yearly Operating Budget Internal Currency: 100
National Currency: 2,500 USD
Yearly Volume of Trade Internal Currency: 420
Additional Information

Merit Exchange is a system that combines features of a social networking website, classified ads, and a community currency, called "merits", which is issued directly to members.

Merits exist only as a record in a database, have no cash value, and cannot be loaned or borrowed. Merits are subject to a demurrage/holding fee, but as old merits are retired from circulation, new ones are issued continually and in equal proportion to active members. Members are free to use merits as a thank-you for free transactions, or they can offer to accept merits in lieu of national currency at a rate they are free to negotiate.

Membership is open by invitation from existing members.

Merit Exchange was launched for beta testing in April of 2009.

Images Gallery
Merit Symbol (Merit Exchange)

Merit Symbol (Merit Exchange)
This is the symbol for the currency of Merits, the currency of Merit Exchange, and also a logo representing Merit Exchange.

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