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LETS den Haag
Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)

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Administrator Information
Name lets den Haag
E-mail Address
First Language Dutch
Second Language English
Currency System Information
Status Operating
Community Den Haag
Country Netherlands
Medium of Exchange Accounts + Cheques
Unit of Value Units of National Currency Equivalent
Valuation Non-Contract Agreement to Accept Currency
Cost-Recovery Mechanism
  1. Account Opening / Joining Fee
Purpose for Establishing System Cooperation
Size of Membership 150
Population of Area Served by System 600
Similar Systems
Name of System Country Community Membership Matching
Bath LETS United Kingdom Bath 95
Göteborgs LETS Sweden Göteborg 60
Thames Green Dollar Exchange New Zealand Thames 60
ECO Alt Congost Spain Alt Congost, Catalunya 40
LETS Svojpomoc Slovakia Bratislava 40
New Moray LETS United Kingdom Moray 400
Hanbat LETS South Korea Hanbat LETS 600
stichting LETS Utrecht e.o., het Sterrenstelsel Netherlands Utrecht 180
Victoria Local Exchange Trading System Canada Victoria, British Columbia 100
Stichting LETS Tiel Netherlands Tiel 35

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