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Italy (Europe)

Marco Melega Italia 1,000 Operating
    Fiat Currency System
DANEE» MILANESE 300 Operating
  • SCEC
    Fiat Currency System
Nello De Gennaro Progetto SCEC 3,000 Operating
  • Tibex
    Commercial Exchange System
Fabio Cappon Lazio 300 Operating
  • WeCoin
    Community Cooperation System
Marco Pellegrini international -- Operating
  • ZIPcoin
    ECO-COIN and LOYALTY hybrid
Francesco Maria Galloppa Italia 3,750 Operating

Japan (Asia / Pacific)

髙橋信道» 福岡・大分県境の山国川河口地域 22 Operating
  • ナマケ
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
馬場直子 日本 700 Operating
Ikuma Saga Shibuya 1,300 Operating
Ikuo Hamano -- unknown -- Operating

Kenya (Africa)

Will Ruddick Bangladesh Slum 182 Operating
Daniel Ameny Kyangwali Refugee Settlement 120 Operating

Mexico (North America)

José Luis Gutiérrez Lozano» Virtual interaction amomg various communities 80 Operating
Luis Lopezllera Méndez Colonia Tlaxpana 50 Operating

Netherlands (Europe)

  • Dam
    Mutual Credit System
Christine Gardner Greater Rotterdam Area 350 Operating
Jurgen van Benk -- Gouda e.o. 65 Operating
lets den Haag -- Den Haag 150 Operating
Frans Leonard Unknown 135 Operating
Udghosh Hessel Amsterdam 750 Operating
  • OORD
    Mutual Credit System
PPL Bloemen -- OORD 22 Operating
  • Pendo
    Community Exchange System
Kapeller Bernd http:/ Pendo 600 Operating
  • Qoin
    Commercial Exchange System
Edgar kampers Bedrijven 150 Operating
Toos Groen Tiel 35 Operating
Barbara Touburg Utrecht 180 Operating
Sara Pape García The Hague - Brussels - Lisbon 770 Operating
Martin de Vries www.lets-wageningen.epos-..» Wageningen, Renkum, Ede 40 Operating

New Zealand (Asia / Pacific)

Geoff Waterhouse Bay Of Islands 28 Operating
Christoph Hensch -- Christchurch -- Stopped
Christoph Hensch Takaka 250 Operating
Dave Robbie Southland 30 Operating
Robyn Mourie Otaki 50 Operating
Lynda Hannah -- Motueka 30 Operating
  • TATS
    Community Exchange System
Jim McCaughan -- South Canterbury 30 Operating
Maureen Malliinson -- Coromandel 100 Operating
Sharron McCaskill -- Thames 60 Operating
Julie Lee Lyttelton 180 Operating
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Zack Domike» Nelson -- Operating
Hayden McGrail Wairarapa 60 Operating
Linnéa Lindstroem» Wellington Region -- Operating

Papua New Guinea (Asia / Pacific)

Stephen DeMeulenaere www.appropriate-economics..» Rabaul 75,000 Operating

Poland (Europe)

Dariusz Brzozowiec Poland 700 Operating
Michał Augustyn Polish 2,000 Operating

Portugal (Europe)

Steve Cassidy Beiras 180 Operating
Priscila Soares www.solidariedadecidada.o..» São Brás de Alportel -- Operating

Russia (Europe)

Ilya S Cybercountry 5,000 Operating

Scotland (Europe)

  • Eko
    Valuable Local Currency (VLC)
Grayson Goldsmith Findhorn Ecovillage 250 Operating

Senegal (Africa)

Demba Ndiaye Nationwide 250 Operating

Slovakia (Europe)

STUDNICKA Bratislava -- Operating
Michal Kopcok Bratislava 40 Operating

South Africa (Africa)

Dawn Pilatowicz Cape Town 4,813 Operating
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