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France (Europe)

Pierre Volpi www.acal-lalondelesmaures..» commerce local -- Operating

Germany (Europe)

Cornelia Keusemann Nordrhein-Westfalen 800 Operating
Peter Gipters www.deutsche-kompensation..» Berlin 700 Operating
Eitel Gerhard Arges 220 Operating
Reiner Husemann Rheinmünster 800 Operating

Hong Kong (Asia / Pacific)

  • BBX
    Commercial Exchange System
Carolin Macdonald Global 70,000 Operating

Italy (Europe)

  • Tibex
    Commercial Exchange System
Fabio Cappon Lazio 300 Operating

Netherlands (Europe)

  • Qoin
    Commercial Exchange System
Edgar kampers Bedrijven 150 Operating

Poland (Europe)

Dariusz Brzozowiec Poland 700 Operating

United Kingdom (Europe)

Ruxana Mahdi Commercial 100 Operating
Judith Hunt SMEs 500 Operating

United States (North America)

David Wechsler Saint Louis, Missouri 30 Operating

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