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Australia (Asia / Pacific)

Sue Andrews» Windsor Gardens 90 Operating
Kym Mogridge Sth East NSW 180 Operating
Korina Ivatt Central Coast of NSW 200 Operating
Keith Talbot Melbourne 70 Operating
  • L.E.T.S.
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Adrian Doesburg Western Australia 35 Operating
Peter Pamment» Maleny 350 Operating

Belgium (Europe)

  • BruSEL
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Joaquim de Sousa Bruxelles 100 Operating
Riesen Wallonie -- Operating
Isabel Bombeke Sint-Niklaas 200 Operating
  • Macasel
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Karl Wallonie -- Operating
  • monsSEL
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Blondeau Cécile -- locale -- Operating
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
WEYNANT Fabienne Wallone -- Operating
Van Oostveldt Française 30 Operating
Kira Rahir Brabant Wallon 35 Operating
  • SELeri
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
FERIR Jean-Christophe Rixensart 80 Operating
  • SELEsneux
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Marie-France B. Wallonie 50 Operating
  • SELtique
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Cédric Flémalle (Province de Liège) 35 Operating
Marc Honorez Wallonie -- Operating

Canada (North America)

Joe Hogan Montreal 16 Operating
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Kevin Wilson http:/ Powell River, BC 37 Operating
Beth Gibson Victoria, British Columbia 100 Operating

France (Europe)

Nicolas Herbaut SEL de MARS 40 Operating
NEBOT Raymond SEL 80 Operating
  • SEL\\
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Selidaire CA BP 60034 25,000 Operating

Greece (Europe)

    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
pitnios Ierapetra 10 Stopped

Japan (Asia / Pacific)

  • ナマケ
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
馬場直子 日本 700 Operating

Netherlands (Europe)

Jurgen van Benk -- Gouda e.o. 65 Operating
lets den Haag -- Den Haag 150 Operating
Toos Groen Tiel 35 Operating
Barbara Touburg Utrecht 180 Operating

New Zealand (Asia / Pacific)

Christoph Hensch -- Christchurch -- Stopped
Sharron McCaskill -- Thames 60 Operating
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Zack Domike» Nelson -- Operating

Slovakia (Europe)

STUDNICKA Bratislava -- Operating
Michal Kopcok Bratislava 40 Operating

South Korea (Asia / Pacific)

Athanasia Kyunhee Chun Hanbat LETS 600 Operating

Spain (Europe)

ECO Alt Congost Alt Congost, Catalunya 40 Operating
Comision de Informatica de la EcoXarxa Plana Baixa Comunidad Valenciana 140 Operating

Sweden (Europe)

Viktor Jonsson Göteborg 60 Operating

Switzerland (Europe)

Mim Glâne 70 Operating

United Kingdom (Europe)

  • Bath LETS
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Shira Destinie Jones» Bath 95 Operating
Rob Follett Falmouth (10 mile radius) 64 Operating
Stewart Noble Moray 400 Operating
Steve Smith South East Wales 18 Operating

United States (North America)

  • LETS
    Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)
Giuseppe De Luca Chicagoland -- Operating
Rich Vazquez www.opensourcecurrency.or..» Austin Metro 110 Operating
Barry & Catherine Cohen Phoenix, AZ -- Operating
Virginia Robertson International 400 Operating

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