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Argentina (South America)

Javier Goglino Martínez -- Operating

Australia (Asia / Pacific)

MANGUILIO https://communities.cyclo..» Peter Eriksson Center 10 Operating

Barbados (Central America)

Steve Dale» St. James 200 Operating

Canada (North America)

Neil Peters Business 80 Operating
Neil Peters Business 80 Operating
Neil Peters Business 80 Operating
Michael A. Pietramala www.communitascapacityexc..» Edmonton -- Operating
Daniel Several 100 Operating

El Salvador (Central America)

Fernando Cortes San Salvador 200 Operating

Germany (Europe)

Matthias Karkuschke LK Barnim u. Uckermark 20 Operating
Schaubhut Silke www.gibundnimm.foren-city..» Baden-Württemberg 20 Operating
Rolf Schroeder www.tauschring-hannover.d..» Hannover 270 Operating
Frank Jansky Magdeburg -- Operating

Japan (Asia / Pacific)

髙橋信道» 福岡・大分県境の山国川河口地域 22 Operating

Kenya (Africa)

Will Ruddick Bangladesh Slum 182 Operating

Netherlands (Europe)

  • Dam
    Mutual Credit System
Christine Gardner Greater Rotterdam Area 350 Operating
Frans Leonard Unknown 135 Operating
Udghosh Hessel Amsterdam 750 Operating
  • OORD
    Mutual Credit System
PPL Bloemen -- OORD 22 Operating

New Zealand (Asia / Pacific)

Christoph Hensch Takaka 250 Operating
Maureen Malliinson -- Coromandel 100 Operating

Portugal (Europe)

Steve Cassidy Beiras 180 Operating

South Korea (Asia / Pacific)

Lee, Won Kyoo» Minaisa Club 300 Operating

Spain (Europe)

Aris Lucas -- Alicante 45 Operating

Thailand (Asia / Pacific)

patamawadee suzuki Satisuk Ampur Kud Chum 20 Operating

United Kingdom (Europe)

Leesa Daymond UK 800 Operating
Leesa Daymond Business Barter Scheme UK Wide -- Operating

United States (North America)

Chuck Estin» North Kitsap County 30 Operating
Chong Kee Tan San Francisco Bay Area -- Operating
Sergio Lub San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA 4,000 Operating
Francis Cahill Nevada City / Grass Valley 30 Operating

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