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Complementary Currency System that is registered in the ccDatabase.
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Cyclos is enterprise-class open source secure transaction, accounting and marketplace software. Flexibility in design makes the software suitable for all types of complementary currency systems and includes all known system design features. The software can run on a desktop computer or server and can handle a wide variety of transaction mediums such as WEB, mobile phone, POS (point of sale) and it has integration with e-commerce software. Many more features are on the way. For a working example of the software, see: (demo)
Project Website:
[email protected]

Local Exchange

Local Exchange is an open source PHP/MySQL local currency system. It is currently in use by Fourth Corner Exchange in Bellingham, WA, USA, and Norlets. There is a demo available at

Project Website:

Calvin Priest
calvinpriest (at)

Community Exchange System (CES)

CES is an internet-based, global CC network currently (June 2006) serving over 40 independent exchanges in 8 different countries. Users can trade directly and seamlessly with others in any exchange, without having to work through a second-teir network. CES software is not available for download at the moment as it is too complex, but this will change in the future as servers begin to distribute the load in different countries. Instead of having to deal with obscure code and provide their own servers, administrators prefer this solution as they can be part of national and global network within minutes. Each exchange has its own administrative interface with powerful tools for managing and running the exchange.

Project Website:

Tim Jenkin
info (at)

BCI Software

Accounting software for your barter company bundled with a full featured e-commerce website.

Alan Mink
webmaster (at)



Perl/mysql based multicurrency, multiregistry LETS software.

Project Website:

Hugh Barnard
hugh.barnard (at)


Barter/trade software solution for private trade groups.  Allows members to post listings of what they have to offer, and to create wish lists of products they would like to receive in trade.  Brokers within the network can arrange trades between members and track the values exchanged using trade credits or script, which then become a community currency.  Pure direct barter exchanges, where there are no trade credits or cash involved, are conducted with the barter offer management system.  This system is used to send and receive offers, see the other members reputation, click to contact, edit proposals, and finally to accept or refuse.  Best of all, offers can be a Mix of direct barter, trade credits, and cash.  Other features of Curomuto include but are not limited to; 'what you see is what you get' html listing editors, custom content pages and a fully editable cascading style sheet (CSS).  Curomuto provides hosting and you provide the domain name.  Our team can help you acquire your domain name, design your site, and get acquainted with the software.

Project Website:


Marketplace for Drupal

Provides LETS accounting in a social networking context. Drupal's modular architecture rapid assembly of a website addressing the needs of your community as a whole, while the marketplace module allows members to manage their own transactions and offers and wants. This software is properly engineered, flexible, open source, and designed with users in mind. A non-profit organisation, Community Forge, exists to help communities with all aspects of currency design and web site implementation.

Project web site:

Swap ‘n Roll

The Easyswap Association wishes to encourage like-minded groups to create their own local exchange systems (LETS) using Swap ‘n Roll, an application that allows users to buy and sell goods and services using a virtual, complimentary currency. The source code is distributed in accordance with a GNU Affero General Pubic License (version 3). 
Swap ‘n Roll currently powers, a virtual local exchange system based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Project Web Site:
Download: info(at)
GNU license :

Contact: Jonathan Rochat  : jonathan.rochat(at) or  Pierre-Auguste Lambelet : pierre-auguste(at)




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